Membership Fee

Based on the membership type and development index of the applicant's or member's country of residence, HiLS has different membership fee categories. The membership fee provisions are structured on the basis of the World Bank categorization of the nations based on 2009 Gross National per-capita Income. This categorization includes Low Income nations, Lower Middle Income nations, and High Income nations. However, as HiLS is stationed in Nepal, it has a separate provision for the Nepalese applicants/members, in which they can pay the membership fee in Nepalese currency. Please check out the World Bank category of your nation on the right or left column and find out the membership fee applicable to you.

For all categories, the membership validity period will be from 1 November to 31 October of every year. Please renew your membership before 31 October every year.

On 2013 January 21, executive committee of HiLS has decided to provide 50% discount in all membership fee at least for three years. 

Fee for Regular Member/s

Low Income (L I) nations: US$ 50.00 per year

Discounted new fee for Low Income (L I) nations: US$ 25.00 per year

Lower Middle Income (L M I) nations: US$ 70.00 per year

 Discounted new fee for Low Middle Income (L M I) nations: US$ 35.00 per year

High Income (H I) nations: US$ 100.00 per year

Discounted new fee for High Income (H I)  nations: US$ 50.00 per year

Nepal: NRs. 3,000 for first year and NRs. 2,000 for renewal each year.

Discounted new fee for Nepal: NRs. 1500 for first year and NRs. 1,000 for renewal each year.

Fee for Student Member/s

Student from Nepal: NRs. 700 per year.

Discounted new fee for student from Nepal: NRs. 300 per year.

Student from all countries: US$ 10.00 per year

Discounted new fee for student from all countries: US$ 5.00 per year.

Fee for Institutional Member/s

Low Income nations: US$ 150.00 per year

Discounted new fee for Low Income nations: US$ 75.00 per year

Lower Middle Income nations: US$ 250.00 per year

Discounted new fee for Lower Middle Income nations: US$ 125.00 per year

High Income nations: US$ 500.00 per year

Discounted new fee for high income nations: US$ 250.00 per year

Nepal: NRs. 10,000.00 

Discounted new fee for Nepal: NRs. 5000.00 per year

Life Membership

There is a provision for Life Membership. To obtained life membership, please fill the prescribed form available here. Life membership fee is US$ 500. But for the year 2013-2015, the discounted life membership fee is US$300. During application of life membership, member can also donate few amount to support regular activities of HiLS, but the donation is optional.

To apply online click here.

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