HiLS provides a dynamic forum for engineers, geologists, geographers, and disaster scientists so as to advance research and collaboration with the colleagues in similar disciplines. HiLS Members will receive news updates, discount on journal and book prices, meeting registration privileges and discounts, career resources and more.

Main reasons to join HiLS!

HiLS is the single regional organization dedicated to the advancement of Geo-disaster Science in the Himalayas. Uniting engineers, geologists, hydrologists, geographers, and disaster scientists, HiLS will provide a dynamic forum for the geo-disaster community through peer reviewed scientific journals, international meetings and conferences, and scientific and technical committees. According to the HiLS constitution, there are four provisions of membership, namely Individual Membership, Institutional Membership, Student Membership, and Honorary Membership.

1. Individual Membership

The Individual Membership has two sub-categories: Regular Membership and Life Membership; and the provisions for this category of memberships are: 

A. Regular Membership 

The Regular Membership of HiLS is available to professional degree holders. The professionals having one of the following academic degrees are eligible for the Regular Membership. 

  • Civil Engineers: Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. in Civil Engineering or equivalent)
  • Geologists: Masters in Geology (M.Sc. in Geology or equivalent) 
  • Geographers: Masters in Geography (M.A. or M.Sc. in geography or equivalent)
  • Environmentalists: Masters in Environmental Science (M.Sc. in Environmental Science or equivalent)
  • Sociologist and Disaster Activists: Masters in Humanities and Arts and having one year experience of working in Disaster Management related field (M.A in Sociology, Economics, Archaeology, History, Political Science etc)

Besides, the professionals in any field but having a PhD degree and working in disaster management or related field are also eligible for the Regular Membership of HiLS. Click here to apply for regular membership.

B. Life Membership 

HiLS has a provision of Life Membership for its Regular Members and members of Core Conceptualization Team. Please fill the prescribed form and wait for decision of the executive committee. Do not forget to attach detail cv and a passport size photographs along with application.

2. Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership is available to any governmental and non-governmental organizations that have made significant contribution in the field of disaster mitigation and management. Eligible institutions must have at least five years of work experience in disaster management or related field. Click here to apply for institutional membership.

3. Student Membership

Students of Bachelors in Engineering (B.E. Civil Engineering or equivalent), Masters in Geology (M.Sc. in Geology or equivalent), Masters in Geography (M.A. or M.Sc. in Geography or equivalent), Masters in Environmental Science (M.Sc. in Environmental Science or equivalent), Masters in Disaster Management (M.A or M.Sc), and PhD students enrolled in any university/college and going to obtain PhD degree in Disaster Management or related field, will be eligible for Student Membership. However, a Student Member will not be eligible for voting and cannot be a part of the Executive Committee. The student status will have to be verified during each renewal of the membership. Click here to apply for student membership.

4. Honorary Membership

Himalayan Landslide Society awards Honorary Membership to eminent scientists who have made enormous contribution in the field of geo-disasters and their management. Details will be put some time later.

To be a member of HiLS, please submit the membership application form online or download it from this website or visit HiLS office at your convenience.

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