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The 11th International Symposium on Mitigation of Geo-disasters in Asia (MGDA-11), 22-28 October 2013, Nepal 

Field excursions

There will be three field excursions for the symposium participants as detailed out below.

Excursion Tour-1: Kathmandu-Pokhara Section

Date:   23 October 2013

Departure time:           7:30 AM

Excursion Leaders:     Ranjan Kumar Dahal (Tribhuvan University/HiLS); Netra Prakash Bhandary (Ehime University/HiLS); Hari Krishna Shrestha (Nepal Engineering College/HiLS) and Binod Tiwari (California State University, Fullerton, USA)

In this one day excursion tour along the Kathmandu-Pokhara national roadway, the participants will be taken to one of the geologically fragile areas of central Nepal in the northwestern part of Kathmandu city. Besides familiarizing with the general geology and tectonics of this part of the Himalayan mountains, the participants will have a chance to discuss geo-disasters along the roadway. The participants will also be able to feel the pain of Nepal’s road building efforts through low cost road construction technology and associated geo-disasters during this excursion. Some interesting low cost landslide stabilization sites will also be visited. A deluxe bus coach service will be used in travel and a Nepali style lunch will be provided at a Resort Hotel in the middle of the tour.     

Landslides and their mitigation in Kathmandu-Pokhara Section

Excursion schedule:

08:00      Depart from Hotel Radisson, N2743’12.6” E8519’16.1”, Elevation 1321 m

09:30      Arrive at Site 1, Dharke, Prithvi Highway, N2744’14” E8507’32.3”, Elevation: 754 m

10:45      Arrive at Site 2, Krishnabhir Landslide, N2747’45”E8444’02”, Elevation: 357 m

11:30      Arrive at River Side Spring Resort for Lunch, N2752’28” E8436’59”, Elevation: 273 m

11:30      Lunch time (until 12.15)

12:30      Arrive at Site 3, Kurintar landslide, N 2752’17.9” E8436’45.7”, Elevation 265 m

13:00      Arrive at Site 4, Creep landslide at Kurintar, N2752’16.3 E8434’42.7”, Elevation 290 m

13:45      Arrive at Site 5, Ruwa Khola Check Dam site, N2755’28.1” E8429’41.6”, Elevation: 344 m

15:00      Arrive at Site 6, Creeping landslide at Mirdi, N2758’54.1” E8414’51.2”, Elevation: 385 m

16:00      Arrive at Site 7, Seti River at Kotre N2804’34.3”, E84o04’12.2”, Elevation: 495 m

17.15     Arrive at Hotel Barahi, Pokhara N2812’28.9”, E8357’32”, Elevation: 810 m

Excursion Tour-2: Geo-disasters around Pokhara Valley

Date:   25 October 2013 (Duration 1 day)

Departure time:           5:00 AM

Excursion Leaders:     Ranjan Kumar Dahal (Tribhuvan University/HiLS); Netra Prakash Bhandary (Ehime University/HiLS); Tuk Lal Adhikari (ITECO Nepal/Nepal Geotechnical Society); Narayan Gurung (Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association/HiLS)

This is one day excursion tour in and around Pokhara valley. In the early morning, the participants will have a chance to enjoy the sunrise and a panoramic view of the Annapurna Range on north of Pokhara city. After the breakfast back in the hotel, various landslide and flash flood damage sites in Pokhara valley will be visited. During the tour, the participants will also be explained in general about the geological evolution of the Pokhara valley. Finally, the caves and caverns in the Pokhara valley sediments will be visited in the afternoon. In fact, this part of the tour has always been one of the most popular geological excursions among the international participants during various past geo-science meetings held in Nepal. After participating in the second part of the symposium in Pokhara, the participants will be returning to Kathmandu on 26th morning by air.


Geo-disasters and caves in Pokhara

Excursion schedule:

05:15    Depart from Hotel Barahi, N2812’28.9”, E8357’32”, Elevation: 810 m

05:45    Arrive at white Stupa (Buddhist Temple),N2812’39”, E 8356’41.9”, Elevation: 1117 m

05:5006:45View of sunrise, Himalayan Range and Pokhara valley

07:30    Arrive at the hotel for breakfast

09:00    Depart for Kharapani to observe the 1255 Flash Flood damage in Seti River valley

10:30    Arrive at the Kharapani Site, N2821’38.5”, E8357’39”, Elevation: 1257 m

10:3011:30 Observations and discussions

11:3012:30 Lunch time (Lunch packs will be served on the site)

12:30    Depart from Kharapani

14:00    Arrive at Pokhara Mahendra Bridge, N2813’24”, E8359’30.6”, Elevation: 888 m

14:00 – 14.15 Quickobservation of Seti River Gorge

14:30    Arrive at Prithivi Highway bridge, N2812’27.4”, E8359’25”, Elevation: 847 m

14:30 – 15:00 Observation of bridge and the Seti River Gorge,

15:15    Arrive at Devis Fall and Gupteswor Cave, N2811’24.6”, E8357’33”, Elevation: 776 m

15:15 – 16:30 Observation in Devis Fall and Cave

17:00      Arrive at the Phewa Lake shore N2812’29.1”, E8357’19.4”, Elevation: 801 m, near to the Hotel Barahi, end of the excursion and free time for dinner and night market

Excursion Tour-3: Kathmandu-Kodari Highway Section

Date:   27-28 October 2013 (Two days)

Departure time:           8:00 AM

Excursion Leaders:     Tuk Lal Adhikari (ITECO Nepal/Nepal Geotechnical Society);

            Ranjan Kumar Dahal (Tribhuvan University/HiLS); Netra Prakash Bhandary (Ehime University/HiLS)

This is a two-day excursion tour along the Arniko national roadway link ofNepalwithChinaand up to Kodari, the northern border point of Nepal withChina. This tour will also take place on a deluxe bus fromKathmanduto Kodari. Along the roadway, the participants will observe some landslide and glacial lake outburst flood damages at various locations. Many large-scale landslides and their consequences in the road building process will also be observed. The participants will have to stay at a camp-style resort on 27th, and on the 28th morning, they may enjoy bungee jump in theBhotekoshiRivergorge near the resort. In this excursion, breakfast and lunch packets will be served. In the evening, the participants will have a barbeque cocktail dinner. Then, the participants will either return to Kathmandu on the 28th evening or will enterTibetfrom Kodari (Nepal-China border). The details of the bungee jump and the resort of night stay on 27th are available at


Geo-disasters and their mitigations in Kathmandu-Kodari Highway Section 


The Last Resort and bungee jumping

Excursion schedule of October 27:

07:30      Depart from Hotel Radisson, N2743’12.6” E8519’16.1”, Elevation 1321 m

08:30      Arrive at Site 1, Km 32+850, Khawa, Arniko Highway, N2737’24.1” E8534’26”, Elevation: 1357 m

09:40      Arrive at Site 2, Km 50+500, Cha Khola 1, N2739’36.5”E8539’27.4”, Elevation: 728 m

10:10      Arrive at Site 3, Km 51+300, Cha Khola 2, N2739’20.5”E8539’51”, Elevation: 526 m

10:50      Arrive at Site 4, Km 61+500, Sangachowk, N2739’44.7”E8513’12.1”, Elevation: 682 m

11:30      Arrive at a rest house for Lunch, Sukute, N2741’40” E8544’52”, Elevation: 655 m, Lunch time (until 12.30)

12:45      Arrive at Site 5, Km 70+200, Bhaise, N2743’8.4”E8546’22.1”, Elevation: 678 m

13:15      Arrive at Site 6, Km 70+900, Bhaise Huge Boulder, N2743’25.2”E8546’41”, Elevation: 685 m

14:00      Arrive at Site 7, Km 76+400, River training work, N2744’55.9”E8548’22.4”, Elevation: 720 m

14:50      Arrive at Site 8, Km 83+900, Poor mitigation of Landslide, N2745’56.1”E8552’35.6”, Elevation: 815 m

15:40      Arrive at Site 8, Rock fall site, N2751’05”E8552’48.6”, Elevation: 1025 m

16:30      Arrive at The Last Resort, N2752’31.5”E8553’33.2”, Elevation: 1224 m

Excursion schedule of October 28

09:00      Depart from The Last Resort, N2752’31.5”E8553’33.2”, Elevation: 1224 m

09:15      Arrive at Site 9, Large scale landslide, N2753’48.9”E8554’53.3”, Elevation: 1301 m

10:00      Arrive at Site 10, Larcha bridge, N2755’56.7”E8556’13.3”, Elevation: 1406 m

10:45      Arrive at Site 11, Observation of water fall, N2757’23.8”E8557’23.7”, Elevation: 1588 m

11:10      Arrive at Site 12, Nepal-China Friendship Bridge, N2758’24.3”E8557’50”, Elevation: 1755 m, Formal closing of the MGDA-11.

11:30      Lunch Time (50 Min) at Tatopani (Liping) Kodari border area

12:20      Depart from Tatopani to Kathmandu

In evening, arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu and then at Hotel Radisson


Map of Nepal, symposium venues, and excursion routes

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