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Welcome to Himalayan Landslide Society (HiLS)

You are in the official homepage of Himalayan Landslide Society (HiLS). HiLS is committed to serve you as a truly professional platform whether you are a researcher, a disaster professional, a disaster student, or a non-governmental/volunteer organization working in remote areas of the Himalaya. It is an open forum where you may share your research finding/s or work experience/s the way you want it.

This year October, HiLS organized an international sympsium entitled "11th International Symposium on Mitigation of Geo-Disasters in Asia (MGDA-11)." The symposium organizing committee and HiLS family express their sincere thanks to Chairman of the Council of Ministers Mr Khil Raj Regmi for inagurating the MGDA-11 and all the participants of MGDA-11 for their very active participation.

Final report of the Symposium is under preparation!

Why HiLS?

  • To understand landslides and related phenomena through research and mitigation work. 
  • To start new scientific ways of understanding and dealing with natural disasters in the Himalaya. 
  • To apply scientific knowledge of countermeasures and mitigation work against the natural disasters.


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